The Cue Ball Mysteries Hit the Campaign Trail!

No, Jessie Hewitt isn’t running for office. But Five Spot, her latest adventure, is indeed seeking your endorsement. Here’s the deal:

The fifth Cue Ball Mystery is a candidate book in Amazon’s new Kindle Scout program. So everyone here at CB Mysteries is hoping you’ll hop on over to Amazon and give us a thumbs up by voting/nominating Five Spot for Scout publication. Here’s the link to our campaign headquarters, where the voting is fast and furious!

What’s in it for you?
A sneak peek at Five Spot, which means lots of laughs and smiles. Jessie and Wilson are there, of course. And Geez Louise, Candy, Karen, and Snowflake. And speaking of flakes, wait ‘til you meet the Glee Club….

Also for you: If, after this month-long campaign, Amazon choses Five Spot for Scout publication, a free copy of the entire book will automatically appear on your kindle on the official release date!! That’s right—a FREE Cue Ball Mystery. It will be like magic!

What’s in it for CB Mysteries?
If selected, Five Spot will gain the prestige of getting officially published with Amazon Scout, which we hope will bring the Cue Ball Mysteries to more and more people in need of some lighthearted entertainment.

And don’t worry, even if Five Spot doesn’t get Amazon Scout’s attention, Jessie and I will make sure this kookiest of Cue Balls is available for purchase by late September. Here’s the scoop:

At long last! Jessie Hewitt is about to take her rightful spot in the Hall of Fame. No, not the one for pool sharks. This is the Romance Writers Hall of Fame. Jessie’s so excited she’s even convinced über-hunky cop Wilson Rye to tag along for the induction festivities. But things don’t go exactly as planned. How could a conference called Happily Ever After take such a wrong turn? Take a guess.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading,

Cindy Blackburn

The Cue Ball Mysteries, Playing With Poison, Double Shot, Three Odd Balls, and Four Play are all available on Amazon.