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Are you in a book club? I hope you and your friends will consider one of the Cue Ball Mysteries for a club read. And if so, I’d love to be a part of your discussion. I live in South Carolina much of the year and Vermont during the summer, and I love to drive. So, within reason, I might be able to join your club in person. I’m also available via Skype for anyone meeting on the moon or other hard-to-reach destinations. Please see the links in Contact, or message me on Facebook, and let’s get together.

Whether I visit your book club in person or through Skype, I guarantee we’ll have fun. And yes, there will be prizes.

How you and your club cronies will win prizes is a secret and a surprise. But here’s a hint: we’ll play a game that will help everyone learn more about Jessie and the gang.

And then, if y’all are still interested, or too delirious to stop me, we can get into a more serious discussion using the ideas listed below. These are only suggestions—I am open to any questions and ideas you and your club might have.

Some questions and discussion ideas for book clubs:

1.  I would place my books into three genres: Mystery, Romance, and Humor. What order would you put that list in?

  • I’ll tell you what order I’d put the list in.
  • The club can discuss what parts work the best, what you liked, what you didn’t like.

2.  What is meant by “cozy” mystery? What do readers expect in a cozy? What isn’t going to happen in a cozy? What is?

3.  What makes a book funny?

  •  I’ll tell y’all a few secrets and cheap tricks to writing funny, and why I want you to laugh.

4.  What are my strengths and weaknesses/challenges as an author?

  • You tell me what you think. I’ll tell you what I think. And hopefully I’ll learn something from your ideas to improve my next book!

5.  Why do I write mysteries instead of thrillers, horror, sci fi, etc?

6.  Why and how I started writing The Cue Ball Mysteries

7.  How are Jessie and I similar to each other? How do we differ from each other? What do you like about Jessie? What don’t you like about her? What are her strengths? Her flaws? Between you and me, Jessie has one character trait that I, her creator, really do not like. Gasp!! I’ll confess all to your book club.

8.  What is my writing process? How do I go about planning and writing a book?

9.  Are there people in your book club who want to write fiction?

  • I’ll offer advice on how to get started, or move forward with your own writing.

10.  I am a self-published author. If you want the terrifying lowdown on self-publishing versus traditional publishing, I’ll tell y’all my personal experience.

11.  I’ll tell you anything you want to know (other than who done it) about my other books and what I am currently working on.

12.  Who are my favorite authors and why?

13.  What can readers do to help authors?

14.  What do readers want me, the author, to do (or write) for you?

That’s it. But again, I am open to any ideas you and your book club have. Use the links in Contact and let’s set a date.

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