Character Flaws

I‘ve been writing about Cassie
For many a moon
Her character came to me
But not a second too soon

Sometimes a personality
Pops out of thin air
Some characters are easy
But sometimes, I swear

Sometimes they’re stubborn
They hide back in my brain
And refuse to come forward
No matter how I complain

Cassie’s been like that
What makes her tick?
She finally has told me
But like I say, none too quick

Cassie’s been coy
On her background, she’s been shy
I kept writing her anyway
Kept asking her why

Yesterday she finally
Took pity on my plight
She told me all about herself
Much to my delight

So Cassie’s the star
Of this book I am writing
And finally she’s talking to me
Oh, how exciting

I like Cassie a lot
And think you will, too
Her story’s called Unbelievable
I’ll tell you when I’m through

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Rock People Rock

Every year
I dig in the dirt
I wear old jeans
And a raggedy shirt

With enough water
This I do know
The flowers will bloom
The garden will grow

As much as the plants
I like other stuff
And of pretty rocks
I can’t get enough

Some folks like snowmen
But that’s not for me
I build rock people
As you can see

They stand in my garden
They like it a lot
And last time I counted
Fifteen I have got

Some are big
Some are small
Some are short
And some are tall

They offer some whimsy
To my garden décor
Visitors laugh at them
They’re a big hit, for sure

With a bad storm
They can tumble down
But of this hazard
They never do frown

Unlike Humpty Dumpty
Rock people are resilient
I re-build and re-balance
If I do say so—brilliant!

So this here is my
Garden population
I really do like
My rock people nation

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Duckling Dearth


Every year
When I come back
To my Vermont
Summer shack

I know the ducks
Have survived
Because their ducklings
Have arrived

After mama
They follow along
On the lake
Where we all belong

But this year,
What a shock!
Nary a duckling
Near my dock

Have they found
A better lake?
That’s impossible
For goodness sake!

Maybe a late spring
Caused a duck dearth
And we must wait longer
For ducklings’ birth

Whatever the cause
I keep waiting and hoping
I don my binoculars
To do some lake scoping

Maybe this week
They’ll finally appear
But no ducks thus far
Is really quite queer

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Hello Vermont

When we get to Vermont
The first thing we do
Is put in our dock
And when we are through
We find the paddles
And hop in the canoe

When we get to Vermont
It’s usually late May
Although I’m a Vermonter
What can I say?
I don’t like cold weather
So until spring I’m away

When we get to Vermont
We sweep out the shack
Scare away the mice
And tell them we’re back
We buy a few groceries
And then we unpack

When we get to Vermont
The lake is unfrozen
A better spot for our shack
We could not have chosen
Got frolicking to do
So this poem I’m closin’

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Life in a Vermont Shack

Summer is
My favorite season
Listen up
To hear the reason

I go to Vermont 
Where I have this shack
Fancy amenities
It sure does lack

This shack of mine
Is on a lake
A setting like that
Ain’t hard to take

On the porch
I sit and sit
Do I get bored?
No, not one bit

The waterfowl
Make me happy
Sometimes I get
Downright sappy

The dock is small
But I like it a lot
In the whole wide world
It’s my favorite spot

Two weeks from now
I’ll pack the car
A very long trip
I’ll travel far

But boy it’s worth
The effort it takes
To get to Vermont
And be at the lake

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A Winter’s Lament

Cold weather stinks
That’s what me thinks

A chill in the air
And Cindy don’t pair

Of sweaters and mittens
I am not too smittens

Scarves and heavy coats
Mean sneezes and sore throats

I bundle up and layer the wool
Drink hot tea until I’m full

Even so I can’t get warm
So being cold becomes the norm

I come from up north
But this I put forth

Birds fly south for a reason
They, too, hate the winter season

So when it begins to snow
Southward I will try to go

I hope you believe this
I’d rather be sleeveless

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No Leaf Peeping for Me

How can it be
A friend asked me
That you left V.T.
When on every tree
The leaves turned orange?

I told that friend
Summer’s at end
Weather doesn’t bend
Winter it will send
To shacks with no heat

Leaf peeping now
But wait, and pow!
With snow on each bough
You’ll need a big plow
And I don’t like cold

S.C. today
Here I will stay
Come whatever may
Say yay or say nay
Until spring springs again

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A Road Trip Quip

My first was a Torino-Ford
But now I drive a Honda Accord

Thinking about my car today
From the shack it takes me away

Accord is packed from roof to floor
Making it hard to open the door

Eleven hundred miles or so
Is a long way for a car to go

So we return to our winter home
But next spring to Vermont we will roam

Not much of a poem, but give me a break
I’m on a road trip for heaven’s sake!

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The Travellin’ Shoes Blues

The greens of summer
Have turned to autumn hues
And colder nights
Offer some distinct clues
Yep, it’s high time
I don my travellin’ shoes

I love it lots
But the shack’s got no heat
So if I sit here
On my stubborn cold seat
I’ll need snow boots
For my size six feet

So I will leave
My beloved shack
But fear not, Vermont
For I will be back
Next year in May
If all goes on track

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Dog Days

The summertime clock is tick-ticking away
And so, this afternoon, today
I sit on the dock, and here I will stay
Come what may
Until the evening of the day

Summertime in Vermont is fleeting indeed
To the weather gods I cajole, beg and plead
About my warm weather preferences and need
But to me they would never, ever concede
To change their Vermont cold winter weather creed

So I take book, umbrella and sunblock
And spend my afternoon upon the lake dock
Though the more disciplined might suffer from shock
On another day all my chores I’ll take stock
But today I take heed of the summertime clock

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